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Electronic Enclosure Cooling Module Brand PM


The air conditioners for control boxes are designed to

maintain constant temperature and hiumidity in electrical control

boxse in order to provide long service life and precise monitoring

with clear display

* Five sizes : 1000, 2700, 4000, 7000, and 13000 BTU

* 2 types of installation: on the side or on top of control boxes

ㆍSetting parameters in the controller on the screen display

* System protection from overflow in drain pipe, clogged drain and

damaged compressor.

ㆍMade from steel or stainless steel for food industries

System protection with alarms in case of high pressure and water level.

Time delay setting to start compressor ( minutes) in order to protect

the compressor from electrical problems in case of power surge.







  1. Mã sản phẩm: ECM-1000SUS
  2. Thương hiệu : PRIMUS
  3. Xuất xứ : THAILAND
  4. Bảo hành : 12 tháng, Nhập Chính Hãng Từ PRIMUS
  5. Tình trạng: Còn Hàng
  6. Giá: Liên Hệ                                                            LIÊN HỆ: 0908 369 124
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