KM-09-U: 1 Phase Volt-Amp-PF-Hertz-Meter True RMS


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    KM-09-U: 1 Phase Volt-Amp-PF-Hertz-Meter True RMS


    • KM-09-U is a meter that measures Volt, Amp, Power Factor, Hertz for one single phase.

    • Display as 7-Segment, 0.56 inch, 4 digits, 1 row

    • Measurement area

    : Voltage 20-500 VAC

    : Current : 0.03-10 A (in case of direct connection)

    : Maximum current of 9999 A (in case of joining with CT)

    : Power Factor 0.000-1.000

    : Frequency 45-65 Hz

    • Can be connected with Current Transformer Ratio (CT) up to10,000 / 5A and Potential Transfomer Ratio (PT) 0.1-400.0

    • High accuracy TRUE RMS measurement.

    • LED status indicator and power unit.

    • Can communicate with computer via RS-485 port MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL


    The display will have 4 Pages. The voltage (V, kV), current (A), power factor (Cos e) and current measured Hz. You can press the up arrow. And press the down arrow. To change the display page

    For LED Com ( Optional), LED Com (Communication) flashes every time communication is made You can choose to change the display page in 2 modes

    1. Manual mode push button to change the page manually

    2. Auto Display Page mode V, A, Power Factor (PF), Hz automatically switch to the





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