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PR-04-Series: Programmable Increment Encoder ø 50 mm.


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    PR-04-Series: Programmable Increment Encoder ø 50 mm.


    • It is a device that converts the axis of the encoder shaft into a pulse.

    The electric pulse can be programmed in the same P/R. Easy to use

    • The program can select the district pulse/ cycle from 1-4096 Pulses

    • Push-Pull output is available for NPN, PNP Open Collector and Line-Driver

    • Push-Pull output (A, B, Z) and Line-Driver (A, A, B, B, Z, Z)

    • Power supply B-27 VDC (Push-pull) and 5 VDC (Line Driver)


    PR-04-SERIES is Programmable Increment Encoder that can program

    Pulse/ cycle range from 1-4096 Pulse/Cycle by connecting PR-PRO (Converter+

    USB Cable+ Software) to PR-04-SERIES (Programmable Increment) Encoder)

    and ComputerSet the pulse/cycle range through software before use

    Connect the Programmable Increment Encoder PR-04-SERIES

    to the motor shaft or work piece to be measured on the shaft. The PR-04-SERIES

    rotates according to the motor sends a pulse signal according to the

    pulse/ cycle of the model. For example, the PR-04-S-100 works by dividing

    one round into 100 parts, while the moving shaft sends the pulse out of the

    rotating parts. Signal B and A are 90 ํ electrical lead / lag . When clockwise

    rotation, B will take page A, but if turn counterclockwise A will go to page B,

    which will be useful to check the direction of rotation of the encoder. Signal

    Z will have 1 pulse/cycle to indicate the anniversary. Program can provide

    pulse lengths of 90 ํ, 180 ํ, 270 ํ and 360 ํ as desired.










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